Who is Justin?

Hi! My name is Justin Smith. I grew up in Florida in a Christian home and high school, but the one thing I never wanted to do was be a missionary.

It wasn’t until after several years of trying with bitter failure to find fulfilment and meaning that I arrived at a breaking point in my life. It was my lowest place and I cried to God for help. After that, I did a school with YWAM that took me around the world to share the Gospel. It was the only time I had ever felt that sort of deep fulfilment in my entire life. I was hooked.

In March 2015, I began working with YWAM Bridges of Life and I have been there since then. In my time here, I have helped lead two Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) and have been a part of our community leadership team for almost two years.

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What is YWAM?

YWAM stands for Youth With A Mission. It is an international and interdenominational missions organization that began in 1960. YWAM is currently operating in over 180 countries with over 15,000 full-time volunteers including myself. Our ministries fit into three main categories: evangelism, training, and mercy ministry.

What is YWAM Bridges of Life?

YWAM Bridges of Life is a specific branch of YWAM located in southern France. We are committed to a lifestyle of worship and intercession; revival; community; training, sending and multiplying; as well as hospitality and refuge. YWAM Bridges of Life has been around since 2011.

What is a DTS?

YWAM offers training programs for people want to learn more about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. We call this program a Discipleship Training School or DTS. A DTS is an intensive six months of growing in your relationship with God. The first three months are at Bridges of Life and the final three months are on a mission field in another country or two.