Hey there! I will staffing YWAM Bridges of Life in southern France for two years starting on March 25, 2015. During this time, I will be completely relying on God to provide for me financially. One way He does this is through people that want to financially support me. Would you prayerfully consider financially supporting me? If you would like to, there are several ways that you can do that.

1. You are welcome to send a non tax-deductible one time gift by going to the link below. This website will send your gift within a couple days. The website will automatically add an additional 5% for them unless you change it to 0%. This can be done by clicking on the link right below the box where you enter your donation amount. Click here for a non tax-deductible gift. (I will be tracking donations from all sources on this website, if you would like to see how it is going. This fundraiser is for the entire two years.)

2. You can send a non tax-deductible gift via PayPal. My PayPal account is It works out the best if you select that the payment is for “Friends and Family.” You can also set up automatic withdraw using PayPal.

3. You can send a tax-deductible one time gift through YWAM Tyler Texas. I have an account with them to process donations so that they will be tax deductible for the donor. You can send a gift via credit card or check. For a credit card donation you will need to send an email to the email address below to request info on how to do that. For a gift by check, the process is simple but particular. You can send checks to YWAM, PO Box 3000, Garden Valley, TX 75771-3000. Please do not put my name anywhere on the check; this is very important. Just make the check out to “YWAM” and put my first and last name on a separate note. You will receive a letter back with a receipt. Email this email address:

4. You can also set up automatic monthly tax-deductible donations through YWAM Tyler Texas. If you would be able to, this would be the best way to support me. For automatic withdraw from your bank checking or savings account just email the email address below and they will give you the information on how to set that up. Email this email address:

Note: All donations done through YWAM Tyler Texas are tax-deductible and you should receive a receipt. Donation made through them between the 1st and the 15th of the month will be sent to me on the last day of that month and all donations from the 15th to the end of the month will be sent to me on the 15th of the following month.

Thank you very much for considering supporting me financially! I greatly greatly appreciate it. I would very much like to get to know you personally. If you would like to fill out the below form, I will use that information to send you a personalized video each month to keep you updated on what I am doing and what God is doing.

I am also in need of people that will be covering me in prayer while I am on the mission field. To me, this is just as vital as financial support. I need people to intercede for me and for what God is doing. If you like to support me in prayer, I would love for you to fill out the form below too so that I can get to know you better and keep you updated with a personalized video as well.

If you want to even just encourage me, fill out the form below too! I would love to get to know you and send you a personal video each month too! You are welcome to email me any time at or by going to the “Contact Me” page.

Please know that I would love to connect with anyone who supports me in anyway! Financial support is certainly not the only type of support that I need! Thank you all! I look forward to connecting with each of you!


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