TWoL – October, What The Father Is Doing

This is my personal emailed newsletter called “The Way of Love.” The name is based on the name of my blog, “The Beginnings Of.” I started my blog when I started my DTS with YWAM and I knew it was the beginning of something big but I didn’t know what. I have been wondering ever since then what exactly it was the beginning of and I felt like God gave me the answer in October of 2015 at a prophetic conference while I was listening to one of the speakers: “The Way of Love.”

Issue #17 – October, What The Father Is Doing
06 November 2016

This past month, we had a lot more of training and teachings here in the DTS. We concluded this month (and began the next) by taking a week long outreach to the city of Montpelier. It was the best outreach experience I have ever had.

Leading or Being Led? 

This is the question I felt I was constantly asked in one way or another. Am I going to lead or am I going to let the Father lead me? I have been going through a long journey of learning what leading looks like. It greatly accelerated last year by leading the outreach to Kosovo and it has continued all through the summer. It continues even today.

It was the first day of ministry in Montpelier. Kelsea and I had created the schedule for the week, and for Monday we had planned a time of “street evangelism.” We asked everyone to gather at 8 pm and to be done with ministry so that we could all go to dinner. We wanted to hear the stories and then to spend time as a team. Most of us arrived early and so we were all ready to eat, but two of our team members were late. It started to get later and later, so we sent a part of the team to the restaurant and I started to get frustrated. My plans were getting messed up. It was gonna be harder to tell stories altogether and “be a team.” Then three of our team members started to talk to a homeless man that came and sat by us with his dog. I sent another group to the restaurant that I waited for the three to be done and the first two to show up. The whole time, I’m frustrated. Our plan isn’t gonna work now, its messed up. The group of two arrived. I asked the group of three to wrap things up with this guy in a minuet or so, so that we could go eat. I paced back and forth talking to God about my frustrations while I waited on the group. Ten minutes went by and now I really didn’t know what to do, they were praying for the guy and had been for awhile. I wanted to go stop them praying and drag them to dinner so we can have “team time.” After all, its very important to honor our schedule, and being late dishonors the whole team. This is an honor issue.

As I was pacing and frustrating, God spoke to me and asked me simply, “What if this guy gives his life to Jesus?” I realized then what I was doing. I was focused on the “rules” and doing what was “right” instead of focusing on what the Father was actually doing. The group of three had seen God was already doing something and they stepped into it. I was just seeing what I was struggling to do. I said “ok Lord,” and then went to the group of three and told them to take their time and meet us when they were done.

So, I went to the restaurant and began excitedly sharing what God had just taught me. I felt so much freedom. I had been given the opportunity to choose between the rules and what the Father was doing, and I was thankful that He helped me choose the right thing. As I sat there sharing, the group called me to ask where the restaurant was. I told them and then felt to just ask for fun if the man gave his life to Jesus. They said, “Yes!”

I hung up. I was in shock.

The One Thing I Desire

There was a common theme all this week in Montpelier. Everyday we would pray before going out to do street evangelism, and almost every day, the Father would bring us back to what evangelism is really about. He reminded us constantly that we were not to go out and “do” things for Him, but that we were to just “be” with Him. As we were just with Him, He would lead us in what to “do.” It made a huge different in how we did “evangelism.” Each day we had to adjust our schedule because we felt He was leading us to do things different. He wanted us to first get out focus on being with Him.

I believe this is a big part of what Jesus meant when He explained that He only does what He first sees the Father doing. That is what God was teaching us this week and we saw so much fruit though it. We even saw that salvation! But you know what? Even that salvation is not what I remember most from this past week. Its that we felt so led by the Spirit of God. We were just being with Him and following Him all week and because of that we got to have some pretty cool adventures.

Coming Up In November 

This month we will discussing topics like, “The Kingdom of God”, “Destiny”, “Fear of the Lord”, and “Evangelism.”

And on December 4th, we will be leaving for outreach in Japan and Taiwan.

Prayer Requests

Please keep praying for my finances. I am in need of more monthly support to cover the basic costs of living here and I am also in need of one time donations to cover the cost for staffing the outreach portion of the DTS which will take place in December and continue until March.

And also pray for me as I lead in this school. Specifically that I would have the courage to lead from this place of honesty and brokenness. Things have been going really well with this so far.

Please pray too that I would keep my focus on just being with the Father and doing only what I see Him doing. Pray also that I and Kelsea would lead the team in the way also.

Thank you all for your encouragement. If you ever have any questions about what I am doing here or would like to hear more about something I share, please email me and let me know. I’d love to talk with you.

If you would like to support this mission financially, you can find all the ways to do so here. I do have an option for tax deductible donations.

Thank you. 🙂



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Our first night in Montpelier we had dinner all together.
Our first night in Montpelier we had dinner all together.


A group of the students all huddled together praying for the night.
A group of the students all huddled together praying for the night.


It was great and tiring haha
It was great and tiring haha

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