Kosovo Update Week #12

Below is the weekly update our team sends out from our outreach here in Kosovo!

It’s hard to believe that our time in Kosovo has come to an end. In the past week and a half we have finished up different ministries and said goodbye to our friends.

We had our third and final “Faith Journey” last week, and this time the students from the Norway team joined us. It was fun to share our past experiences with them and show them how God guides us through the day. One group came back with an amazing story. As they prayed, God gave them the color red and an image of specific woman with red hair and a red scarf who God later led them to! They left her a red balloon with a note tied to her red car.

We also celebrated Fernand’s birthday before they left Kosovo on Saturday. We ate a nice brunch together as a team and also had a worship night to celebrate!

The day before Kosovo’s Independence day (Tuesday, February 17th) we were invited to a party where we learned Albanian dancing. On Independence day there was a large protest so we went to the top of a building with YWAM Kosovo and covered the city with prayer and worship while the protest was happening. After the protest we learned it was the first non-violent protest that Kosovo has had in months so it was really an answer to our prayers.

This Tuesday we had our last trip to Suharekë to visit the kids that came to the English camps. About 15 students showed up and some even brought their families. We played games and had snacks together before it was time to go our separate ways and say goodbye for the final time.

Before coming to Kosovo we never thought that we would build such strong relationships with people here. We have been able to make genuine friends and it is hard to say good-bye and thank them for all that they have done for allowing Kosovo to be our home for 3 months.

Next time that there is an update we will no longer be in Kosovo but back in France after a 3 day visit to Macedonia.
Floriane, Carole, Madison, Beth, Kandace, Alina, Tony, Justin, Claire, Fernand, Aline et Zoé

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