Kosovo Update Week #11

Below is the weekly update our team sends out from our outreach here in Kosovo!

This past week our team shared some of our gifts and talents as we held an arts camp at the church. We taught dancing, art, singing, guitar, and piano!

During the dance class the students learned the dance to ‘This is Living’ by Hillsong Young and Free. There were between 5 and 11 students each day and it was amazing how quickly they were able to learn the dance. In the art class the students learned how to draw and paint in new ways. One day they blew paint across paper to create monsters and another day color and draw 3D hands. In the singing class the girls that attended learned exercises to improve their singing. They also learned ‘Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord’ and an African song that they all loved! The piano class learned the basics of piano including the proper technique and where the notes are. By the end of the week they had learned how to play part of the song ‘Let Her Go’ by Passenger. In the guitar class the students learned all the basic chords. They were then taught basic strumming technique and practiced switching chords. By the end of the week they could put chords together and play some songs.

At the end of the week the classes shared what they had learned with each other.

We also had a French night at the Youth Group on Tuesday and Friday. During this time the kids watched a short video that showed different places in France, learned basic French phrases and danced to ‘Papaoutai’. Fernand even had the opportunity to share a testimony and teaching with the kids. At the end of both evenings the students were able to experience French crêpes!




Madison, Beth, Floriane, Carole, Claire, Justin, Tony, Fernand, Aline, and Zoé


Prayer points:

  • that we stay focused in the last weeks in the ministries we are a part of
  • that the kids from the art camp stay connected with the church
  • that we see fruit from the work we have begun

Praise Points:

  • We had an amazing group of kids for art camp
  • There were more kids at youth group on Friday evening
  • Working with Pajtim and Nora (the leaders of the youth group on Tuesdays) has been really encouraging

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