Kosovo Update Week #10

Below is the weekly update our team sends out from our outreach here in Kosovo!


This week we had the rest of the student led days.

On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Kandace, Floriane, and Alina gave us opportunities to meet with people we have met during our time in Kosovo. This was on the hearts of many people on our team, and it was fun to be able to go deeper in conversation with them and learn more about their lives in Kosovo.

On Tuesday, Madison planned to go to the youth group at a church we’ve recently started working with.  The YWAM Norway team led a “Norwegian night” for the youth, which involved learning some of the history and culture of Norway and a bit about their YWAM base. We also learned a Norwegian song to bless food.

On Friday, Tony had the idea to give out Albanian Bibles (consisting of the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs) on the university campus. We were joined by the Norway team and had 48 Bibles to hand out. Some groups had the idea of leaving Bibles with notes in them around the campus, while others talked with people and gave them the bibles.

We now only have 3 weeks left in Kosovo and it is surreal that our time here is coming to an end. The next few weeks are full of opportunities for ministry and we are excited for what God has prepared for us.

Have a blessed week!

Floriane, Carole, Madison, Beth, Kandace, Alina, Tony, Justin, Claire, Fernand, Aline et Zoé


Prayer Points:

  • That the Lord manifests himself through his word to all the people that received a Bible.
  • For the arts camp that we organized this week for the children in Pristina.
  • For the youth group organized every Friday evening by Fernand and Kandace. That more young people would take part and come more regularly!

Praise Points:

  • All the Bibles we were able to offer.
  • The advancement and personal growth of our team.
  • All the contacts and people that the Lord has put on our path until now.

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