Kosovo Update Week #9

Below is the weekly update our team sends out from our outreach here in Kosovo!


The girls on Carole's day.
The girls on Carole’s day.



For last week and this current week, each team member has been assigned a day to plan and lead a day of ministry. Aline, Carole, Beth, and Fernand had their days and it was a lot of fun to see what they had for the team.

 On Tuesday, Aline planned for us to work with the youth group at a church in Pristina with the Norway YWAM team. It was fun interacting with the kids, and Tony had the opportunity to share his testimony. Afterwards, we went for dinner with the youth pastor of the church and other members that helped during the evening.

On Wednesday, Carole had organized a Womans Day at the Nazarene church weve been part of since being in Kosovo. Alina was at the hair station, Kandace and Beth did makeup, and Carole and Flo were in charge of manicures. Around 10 women showed up, as we invited people we had previously met. We also make some new connections with individuals from around the church, for example the women from the beauticians next door!

On Thursday, Beth took us to a different town with YWAM Kosovo with the purpose of forming relationships with a local youth center. It was interesting to see and hear about the programs that they have for young Kosovars, and hear about their heart for their community.

 On Friday, Fernand organized a prayer walk around the city where the war started in Kosovo (Skenderaj). We also went to a nearby village to see the project Water for Life, and visit with some of the families that they have been able to supply water to.

This Sunday was also the nationwide day of prayer and fasting for Kosovo. Most of the team went to Pejë (another city 1 hour and a half away from Pristina) on Saturday night for an 8 hour worship and prayer evening with different missionaries from different countries and a few people from the town.

It was encouraging to meet other christians and share this powerful time of prayer in a really simple way. The 8 hours flew by!

There was also a prayer service on Sunday in Pristina that a few attended. It was a powerful time to spend in prayer and focus on Kosovo.

 Praise Points:

For all the woman we spent time with on Wednesday.

For the awesome opportunity God has given us to pray particularly for Kosovo.

For the abundance of joy we have in our team.

Prayer Points:

Whenever we go to meetings, most of the people we meet are missionaries… One of our prayers is that those meetings and churches will be filled with Kosovars!

That Muslim people will have dreams about Jesus because we believe that is one of the most powerful ways God can reveal himself to them. Dreams are something that are really important to Muslims.

For the health of our team.

Thanks! Have a Good week!!

Floriane, Carole, Madison, Beth, Kandace, Alina, Tony, Justin, Claire, Fernand, Aline et Zoé 


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