Kosovo Update Week #7

Below is the weekly update our team sends out from our outreach here in Kosovo!


This past we once again ran an English camp, but this time in the small town of Suharekë. Leading up to this week, we prayed that we would receive lots of kids to teach, and God answered our prayers in surplus. The first day we had around 70 kids in total, split into 3 classes. By the end of the week we had 140 kids, with 70 kids in the afternoon class alone! At times it was a little crazy, as the number of kids we received surpassed our expectations, but we were thankful to be able to show them love and affirm them in their good work.

We also experienced a new part of Kosovo. On the bus ride everyday we saw the mountains, woods, and small villages, which differs from the cityscape of Pristina. In Suharekë we were thankful for less polluted air to breathe and experiencing life outside of the big city. We met some of the believers from the church in which we are holding the English camp. One of the believers owns a jewelry store where he makes handmade silver pieces and many of us have been able to bless him and buy some fun souvenirs to take home.


Prayer points:

  • The English camp in Suharekë this week goes well
  • Safe travel to Suharekë in the cold and snow
  • That all the kids from English camp that they can see God’s love through us


Praise points:

  • We had lots of kids!!!
  • For the wonderful translators we have been blessed with for the camp (Albu and Qendresa)
  • We blessed the family we met a few weeks ago with the crocheted scarves and blankets we bought them.


Madison, Flo, Beth, Carole, Justin, Claire, Tony, Kandace, Alina, Fernand, Aline and Zoé


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