Kosovo Update Week #6

Below is the weekly update our team sends out from our outreach here in Kosovo!




This past week we tried a new type a ministry. Several members of the team received words and pictures regarding the embassies around our house. In front of each embassy there is a guard post, which is usually manned by one or two people. We had the opportunity to bring coffee, tea, and Swiss chocolates to numerous guards each morning. Many of them appreciated the gesture and one of the guards even gave us small pastries in return. (Attached is a selfie with the guard.)

The team also spent time with the Steeres, the leaders of our school in France, while they were here and shared with them about outreach so far.

Another ministry we did this week was another faith journey. Many teams trusted God with directions throughout the day, asking Him if they should turn left or right, and were blessed with what they found. One group explored a whole new area of Pristina and prayed over it. Another blessed a gypsy woman with a pair of gloves, and another was taken to coffee by a man they had met…

Prayer points:

  • That English camp goes well this week in Sirahekë, a small city outside of Pristina
  • That unity in the team continues to grow stronger
  • That all sickness goes away in and around the team

Praise Points:

  • We were blessed with a guitar to use during worship
  • Able to spend time with the Steere’s
  • One of our contacts from the Church were blessed with a beautiful baby girl

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