Kosovo Update Week #5

Below is the weekly update our team sends out from our outreach here in Kosovo!

Happy New Year!

It was fun celebrating the New Year in a different country. New year is a big holiday here in Kosovo as it’s a time to spend with family, but also something we have learned is they love their fireworks! For the past few weeks we have heard kids setting off firecrackers in the street but nothing could prepare us for New Years. From our balcony we were able to watch thousands of fireworks being set off around the whole city for almost an hour!

During this past week we had more times of ministry, which involved meeting new people and sharing with them and seeing God answer prayers. One of the biggest prayers for us as a team is that we will meet people who will be translators for us during our time in Kosovo. One group met two girls living in a poor neighborhood who were playing in the street and offered them chocolate, they were so happy! The next day the group went back to talk more with the mom and kids. God provided them with a 7 years old translator who lived in Belgium and to the group’s surprise could speak French and Albanian! After sharing the family’s story with the team, we decided to provide them with some scarves and blankets. So, the past few days the team has been learning to crochet and we’re on our way to making their scarves by hand.

Have a blessed week!


Prayer Points:

  • Restoration of health and continuation of good health
  • That we will make strong and lasting relationships
  • God continues to bless us with translators


Praise Points:

  • Sam, Liz, and James arrived safely
  • There is SNOW!
  • We are seeing tangible ways in which God is answering our prayers

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