Kosovo Update Week #4

Below is the weekly update our team sends out from our outreach here in Kosovo!


We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!

We have done many different things this week. On Wednesday we had a “faith journey” based on the following Scriptures: Matthew 10, Luke 10 and 12. We went out in pairs into the city with no bag, no food, no money, and no plan. We just did whatever God was calling us to do in the moment. All the groups came back with amazing stories about people they met and experiences they had. It was also fun to see how our stories connected and how God provided!

” God provided our team with 10 cents which Justin and I used to share a pastry smaller than the size of my palm. You have no idea how grateful we were for even that small gift! Because of the faith journey I am now so much more grateful for how much God has blessed our team, and spending a day in the shoes of the poor has given me much more compassion for them. “-Kandace


” We met an artist who was painting an interesting painting. After a few minutes of talking he invited us to drink coffee and chat more. He was really sad and impacted by the war. Zoé did a good job making him smile. We were able to share a little about Jesus and give him some words of encouragement and prophecy.” -Claire

” It was really encouraging when we came back home to share stories. We saw how God led us to intercede for certain people or places and discovered that God had also led other teams to the same places or the same people! ” -Floriane

” One of our teams had a crazy story, they ended up being invited into a house up the mountain and were provided with a huge meal (which was all because Tony needed the bathroom). They were even able to share with the family about what we’re doing here and have been invited back! ” -Beth

On Christmas Eve we did something that has never been done before in Kosovo (that is known of). We went caroling on Mother Teresa Boulevard (a busy area filled with shops and restaurants). We sang in two different places on the boulevard next to the big Christmas trees, but we also had the opportunity to talk and go for coffee with people that had stopped and listened to us. Many of us were nervous about singing Christmas songs in a Muslim country, but we were thrilled with the outcome and we hope that the church will continue to do this in the years to come. It was great to see God already at work in what we were planning to do, and just knowing He was with us in that situation.

On Christmas day we had a wonderful family dinner. Then we played some Christmas games and exchanged Secret Santa Gifts. We were also each surprised with the gift of a prophetic words from another YWAM team. Earlier in the week we spent some time in prayer for each member of that team, asking God for words for them and we were surprised that they did the same for us! The next day the girls went to the pastor’s house and made cookies and fudge with all the ladies from the church for Sunday! Sunday we had a big Christmas meal at the church, which was a great opportunity to continue to share with the people there and continue to build these new relationships.

Overall this week has been really encouraging for us as we’ve taken big steps of faith and seen God display his protection and provision. We are all excited for what God has planned next for us as a team and what new revelations he has for us individually.

Have a Happy New Year!

Prayer Points:

  • Many members of the team having been feeling sick,
  • Wisdom for the team to follow what God’s telling them,
  • For the people we have met, that we would be able to develop relationships and share more with them the Good News,
  • For new ministries we are planning to begin.

Praise Points:

  • Christmas Caroling in Kosovo was well received,
  • God provides and will continue to provide!
  • New relationships we’ve been able to develop,
  • God is guiding us through his plan for our time here.

-Floriane, Carole, Madison, Beth, Kandace, Alina, Tony, Justin, Claire, Fernand, Aline et Zoé


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