TWoL Issue 2

This is my personal emailed newsletter called “The Way of Love.” The name is based on the name of my blog, “The Beginnings Of.” I started my blog when I started my DTS with YWAM and I knew it was the beginning of something big but I didn’t know what. I have been wondering ever since then what exactly it was the beginning of and I felt like God gave me the answer in October of 2015 at a prophetic conference while I was listening to one of the speakers: “The Way of Love.”

13 Dec 2015

Hey guys, this week was a little more chill than last week but still good. This week was more about pouring into the city of Prishtina. We spent some time getting ready for the English camp that we will be doing next week. We passed out almost 600 flyers for it on Wednesday. We expect that about 10% may come, so maybe 60 people. We also spent some time to pray over Prishtina and the nation of Kosovo. We did a 24 hour prayer and worship burn as a team to seek God for His heart for this country. He spoke some really cool things to us! It was a great time. We also spent some time going to the streets to bless people and ask God what to do and follow it. The people of Prishtina are beautiful at heart. They really have God’s heart for hospitality built into their culture; its so cool to be a part of.

Next week we will start the English camp at the local church we are working with. We will be teaching kids from ages 8 to about 13 or so. We have made up a rough plan for each day and we look forward to getting it started. We hope that it will be a great opportunity to start relationships with the kids and hopefully their families too. We would love to get to know some of the families and be able to show them the love of God.

Now that we have been here a week and gotten settled in, things have gotten a little bit harder but its still great. We have had some spiritual warfare this week as the enemy has been trying to divide and separate us as a team, but its not working and its not going to work. God has showed us how to combat against that and how to fight to keep our joy and unity. Despite the enemies efforts, things are still going great. 🙂

Prayer points:
-For protection from the enemy and wisdom on how to dismantle the works of darkness.
-For more discernment and wisdom for Claire and I as leaders.
-That God would use us to influence the people around us.
-That we would here God clearly and follow Him wherever He leads us.

Thank you everyone for your support and prayers! Email me anytime with questions or comments. I would love to chat! 🙂 Love you all!

-Justin Smith


Our team praying for each other during worship. 🙂


God led us to this coffee shop when we are out asking Him what to do. The coffee and hot chocolate were good and cheap. haha


This is how we do our schedule. Its fun! Thanks to Claire for coming up with this idea. We also have a birthday next week!

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