Kosovo Update Week #1

Below is the weekly update our team sends out from our outreach here in Kosovo! You can also check out a short video I did for our first week here.

Mirë Dita!

It is hard to believe that we have been in Kosovo for a week now! It has been a busy week settling into our beautiful house which is in the area of Pristina where all the embassies are located, so we now call our house ‘The Embassy of the Kingdom’, since we are here as Ambassadors of Christ. During the week we also did a ‘Bible Burn’ where we read the entire Bible over Pristina. We started at noon on Wednesday and finally ended at 6:30 AM on Sunday! It was a time when we had many revelations and allowed God to show us what He has for this city. Throughout the week we were also able to meet some of our contacts and had them and our landlords over to our house for a delicious meal. As we went out into the city, prayer walking and adventuring into the main square, we had opportunities to meet some Kosovars. We are certainly living in a “coffee culture”. People we meet just walking on the street are so hospitable, they love to stop and chat with you and even go out for coffee.

We are excited for the 3 months we will be spending here in Kosovo and being able to share all our stories with you! Have a blessed week!

-Madison, Beth, Floriane, Carole, Claire, Justin, Tony, Kandace, Alina, Fernand, Aline, and Baby Zoé

Prayer Points:

  • Pollution in Pristina: Due to the amount of vehicles and lack of care for the environment here in the capital, the air becomes very polluted to the point where there is a prominent smell in the air and the skyline becomes a haze. We have been praying for fresh air to be restored for the Kosovars
  • That there would be continued unity within our team
  • That the hearts of the Kosovars would be ready to receive what God wants to say to them through us

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