Kosovo Fundraiser

Update 25 Jan 2016

I apologize for not updating this sooner. God completely provided for everything I needed in about a week’s time right before we left for Kosovo! He provided everything. It was amazing! Thank you everyone who helped with this! 🙂

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Hello everyone! This is a fundraiser for my YWAM DTS Outreach that I am co-leading. It is a three month outreach to the country of Kosovo where we will be leading a team in many kinds of ministry. At the moment we don’t know all the details of what exactly we will be doing, but I do know that we will be engaging in different forms of evangelism, intercession, worship, and various kinds of ministry. We will be partnering with local churches and groups and we will be going out serving the Lord in ways He puts on our hearts. We will be doing things like going on prayer walks, worshiping publicly, spending time with the homeless, or reading the Word of God out loud over the city and so many more things. We know that God is already doing great things in the country of Kosovo and our heart is to join with Him in any way and bring more of the love of Jesus to all the people that encounter us.

I am in need of €3000 (which is almost $3300 with current exchange rates) to cover the cost of the outreach and everything leading up to it. That will cover everything listed out below:

  • Rent for October €300
  • Rent for November €300
  • Outreach Cost €2000 (This includes airfare, housing, travel expenses, food, and ministry supplies for the entire three months in Kosovo.)
  • Random Expenses from September till March €400 (This includes things like laundry, toiletries, snacks, winter clothes, and other personal things.)

We leave for Kosovo on November 29 and we return to France on February 29. For visa reasons, we will also be spending a couple days in Macedonia as well before returning to France. All the expenses for that are also covered with this fundraiser.

I have set the end date for this fundraiser on November 22. That is week before we leave, but I will need the funds as soon as possible. 🙂

As a full time missionary, I do not receive a salary. I am completely supported by the Lord. I rely on Him and the people that He leads to give to support me. And I am so very thankful to everyone who has been supporting me and still is. 🙂 This is why I have this page and why I am asking for help. It would so much easier to just find a job and create a career, but that is not exactly what God has asked me to do. Many weeks I work more than the typical 40 hours. This past week, we had an outreach to a big city and I worked 80 hours in five days. I do this because God gives me the ability and because I love Him and I love people. I’m saying all this not to boast about myself (because its not by my ability anyway, trust me) but to give an idea of the life I live. 🙂 I love Jesus and I love following wherever He leads even when it gets hard.

And that is what we will be doing in Kosovo, following wherever He leads. Would you consider supporting me and what God is doing in my life and in this school by contributing to this fundraiser? Thank you very much! 🙂

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