Financial Update

Hey guys, here is a quick video to give you a financial update. My current expenses are about $500 a month and I currently only have about $100 in monthly support, but that nots a problem. God has been providing amazingly, and He isn’t going to stop doing so. It has been almost five months since I’ve come to France and He has provided for every step, the whole visa process, the travel expenses, a trip to Nepal for two and half weeks, and every month since. He just reminded me today that it has been more than a year that He has been providing for my needs. And thats more than a year after I finished the five month DTS that He also miraculously¬†provided for! God is so amazing and He doesn’t change. He is my provider and I know it all comes from Him. Thank you to those that have partnered with Him and me in this mission and thank you to those who will in the future. If you would like to do this also, you can check out my “Support” page for more information on how.



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