Tonight as I am getting ready to go and finishing up my last stuff before I leave for France tomorrow evening, I want to take a bit to write about what going to France is all about for me.

Really quick, for those that don’t yet know, I will be over in France for two years. I have made a two year commitment to the YWAM base in Southern France called YWAM Bridges of Life. I will be staffing the base, which will entail a number of different things. I will be able to help different teams that come through and I will be able to participate in different local ministries that we will be doing. I will be relying on God’s provision the entire time I am there. In YWAM, no one, from the base leader to the student, gets paid for what we do. I will actually be paying for room and board, but basically just the bare cost of it. All of that and anything else that I will need or want, I will be paying for. God will provide it as He always does. One way He already has been is though some awesome supporters among my family and friends who have been able to contribute. If you would like to know more about YWAM Bridges of Life, feel free to email me or check out their website here. Ok, back to what I was saying. 🙂

You see it actually started back in December when I was at the International House of Prayer. God kinda nudged me to look at YWAM Bridges of Life’s website. I had been praying about what to do after my road trip was over and I was looking at several options. Dudley Weiner, who runs the base in France, had spoken in my DTS and so I briefly knew him from that. So when I was looking at their website, I figured I might as well send an email to them and see what it takes to be on staff. I didn’t expect it, but Dudley actually replied, and he remembered me from Denver. Long story short, I prayed about it and other things for a while and I told him that I didn’t think it was the right time for me yet, but that I really would love it. So when my road trip ended and I ended up here in Massachusetts, I was actually working on going to Colorado Springs to work with a YWAM base there. I thought that was where the Lord was leading me. Dudley emailed me back around then and asked if I had any new thoughts on it. We talked about it again and I prayed about it again as well. Right around that time, the thing with Colorado Springs didn’t work out. I felt God’s prompting to apply for staff at Bridges of Life and once I did, they prayed about it as well and God gave them the green light to accept me on staff.

From then, it was a matter of getting the paper all done; that included the Visa for France. I felt God prompting me to trust Him and get over there as soon as I could. I got to really trust Him a lot thru this process and He did more than I imagined. Once my fly out date and my visa appointment were set, I had to get several documents, within a two week period, that could have taken two weeks themselves to receive. God brought those in one week. I had to book the air fare before applying for the visa and it was not guaranteed that I would even get the Visa, but I did and instead of it taking a month, fifteen days, or ten days (I read or heard all of those estimates.) God brought it in just three business days!

The one thing that He did that meant the absolute most to me was what He did with my health insurance. Several years ago, I tried to get into the military, the Navy and the Air-force. Every thing was working out great. I had great test scores, could handle the PT (Physical Training), and I was really excited about it! The Navy and Air-force were almost fighting over me. During the application process, they asked about medical history. I was honest and mentioned that I have a bone growth on my right knee. They asked for all the medical documentation that I had on it, so I supplied it. One day at PT, after the recruiter had looked it over, he pulled me aside and told me that he would let me choose. He gave me the option of submitting all the paper work as it was or we could pretend like he never saw the paperwork and not submit it. He explained that there was a very good chance that I would actually get disqualified because of this growth. I told him to submit the paper work as is. I would be honest and trust God. The growth did get me disqualified. I appealed it and still got disqualified. A year or so later, I tried again to apply. On the way over to the recruiter’s office this time, I told God that if they told me my only option was to get surgery then I would know that He didn’t want me to go into the military. They indeed did tell me that, and they told me that because of that appeal that I did, I was permanently disqualified from every branch of the service, even the Coast Guard, unless I got the growth removed and then I may qualify but no guarantees even then. I say all that to say how big it was for me when, on the health insurance (which is required to even apply for the French Visa) application, they asked about any medical history. I again was honest and disclosed the bone growth. I got an email back asking for more information on the growth. I honestly did get a little nervous, but I told God I trusted Him. I submitted the paper work and a couple days later, they told me my application was approved! It really affirmed to me how much God wants me to be going to France. God is so amazing! That is one very big reason that I know this is where God wants me to be!

Those are just a couple of the really cool things that He has done during this process. I am so very excited for what He has in store over there and I am so excited to be doing this with Him. Living every day life with Jesus is the best. I want to get to know Him and His love so much more! I never want to say that I know Him enough. I love Jesus! He loves me way more!

I will be leaving tomorrow (Sunday) night and arriving at the base Wednesday evening. As always, feel free to contact me about anything any time; I would love to chat with you. Also, if you would like to support me, in prayer or in finances, you can let me know and do so by clicking on the support page at the top. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement during this process and for your continued prayers and encouragement as a I begin this new chapter with Jesus. Love you all!


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