The Final Week

When we arrived back in Denver, we began our debrief week. Debrief week is basically about processing your whole time on outreach. We had a couple lectures by different speakers about re-entry to our old lives. It was really really good to see the other have of our family, the Awaken DTS. They were in Columbia for two months while we were gone. They had some amazing stories to tell too.

During that week we actually stayed in a local church each night. We had our classes there too. It was fun being back on base with the new schools that were running too. At the beginning of the week, we had what is called Report Back. The Columbia team and we, the ATW Team, got to share with the current classes a couple highlights of our trip and a drama. We showed some videos that we put together and I was able to quickly tell the testimony from India of the man who followed us and asked us to pray for him in the name of Jesus and how he was healed and the crowd formed. The Columbia Team shared some testimonies as well and did a drama that Catie on their team had created from a dream that she had. It was very powerful. It was a great time to be able to encourage all the teams that were going out soon and the school that were going on at the time

The Sunday we were back, we joined several local churches at a park in front of city hall for worship. It was another city wide worship. Well, there may have been a sermon too, but I only remember the worship. Base worship on Monday and Wednesday was packed, and Friday was our graduation. We had worship and then Graduation started. Christine and Blake played music and shared a song they wrote to all of us. We graduated, and the worst part started, the goodbyes…

This DTS experience changed my life forever. I named this blog “The Beginnings Of” because I know it would be a milestone, but I had no idea how life changing it would be. For the rest of my life, I will follow Jesus wherever He leads. That’s what this is the beginning of.


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