Hey so below I have videos of several of the dramas that we preformed on outreach. Deepshikha filmed these for us. Enjoy!

Family: A drama about a family torn apart and what happens as a result. Andy is the husband, Amber the wife, Kaso the first child, Caleb the second child, Jenny the oblivious third child, Carmen is the seductress, Franco is the boyfriend, and I am the cross.

Forgiveness: A drama about a guy who turns to Jesus at first and then gets distracted by the things of the world. I am the guy, Caleb is Jesus, Carmen is the devil, Amber represents lust, Jenny represents religion, Kaso represents love of money, Andy represents drugs and alcohol, and Franco represents anger and rage.

Rag Man: A drama about the reason Jesus came. Andy is Jesus, Amber represents sorrow, I represent lameness, Jenny represents hunger, and Kaso represents blindness.

Molding Jesus: A drama about a girl looking for identity in all the wrong places and she gets to the point where she almost gives up. Amber is the girl, Franco is Jesus, Jenny represents religion, Kaso represents false beauty, Caleb represents false strength, and I represent a Christian.


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