We had a very fun time traveling from Ecuador to South Africa. We first left the Ark in Ecuador and had several hours in the van on the way to the airport. We then flew from Quito, Ecuador to Bogota, Columbia. After a couple hour layover, we flew from there to JFK in New York. As we went through immigration, only the men in our group were pulled aside to be further questioned. Apparently there was something suspicious about us. haha Once we got through the airport, we ventured out into the city. We got to walk the streets of New York and see times square, the 9/11 memorial, and central park before we had to get back to the airport. We then flew for many hours over the Atlantic to Doha, Qatar. There, the airline put us up in a four star hotel for the night and gave each of us about $50 in hotel credit for food. We had a wonderful relaxing time there and we had so much fun! We got to go swimming, eat at a fancy buffet, and order room service. Some of us even stayed up all night talking which was really good for us. After our night in Doha, we headed to the airport and covertly prayed over the city on the way there. We flew from there to Johannesburg, South Africa where we changed planes and then flew to Cape Town. Another hour drive or so from there and we had finally made it to the missionary house that we were staying at.


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