Mexico 2

Hey everyone! Its been a while since my last post so I will break up these posts by country. First of all, I want to finish up telling you about Mexico. We had many amazing ministry times, but at the moment this one is my favorite. We went to a remote village in the jungle area of Cancun to help out a small church there. By small I mean very small. You can check out the pictures Ill post later to see it. We did some serious landscape remodeling which really means a lot of pulling and chopping giant “weeds.” It was well worth it though, the place looks beautiful now. As we were working the local kids bagan to get home from school and the joined right in. It became a lot of fun as we finished with the work. We began to occupy the chidren as some of our group went around the village inviting people to the program we were putting on. I discovered that twenty children love to chase a white American around with baloon swords. haha I had a lot of fun playing with the kids and “running away from them.” I even climbed a tree to escape. We did our progam and I got share a testimony from my life with the village and so did a couple others of the team. Several people came fowrad for prayer, including some of the children. God showed up and healed a little girl’s sickness there. It was awesome.

We had many other awesome ministries there. We were also filmed for a local Christian TV Network. We are featured in episode 6 of thier 24 episode mini-series on evangilism. You can check out the episode here on YouTube.

God really showed up and began to teach us many good things, including how our team functions together. We had several fun nights of just hanging around, playing games, and just being silly together. We also saw many salvations and healings during our time their. God is so faithful to what He promises and I am so thankful that its availabel to all that are His children, not just those who go through YWAM or a similar program.

Thank you Jesus for everything You did in Mexico and in us during that time!


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