Week Seven

Alright, week 7. It all just got real. Week 7 has been our first taste of outreach. It was such a busy week, but it was sooooo much fun. Our topic this week was missions and our speaker was Dan Shannon, a YWAMer that travels around to teach at different DTSs. He taught us a way to help people get to know Jesus, even before they accept Him into their heart. The model he gave for this is called a Discovery Bible Study where people meet to just explore the Bible. He also taught us what the simplest version of church looks like. If you have a community in which everyone operates in these three things you have church in its simplest form: love for God, love for each other, and love for the lost. He also spoke about how the Father loves a trying heart. He gave the example of how he loves every time his one year old son tries to walk, even when he falls. It give such a great picture of how the Father loves us because He loves it whenever we try to walk out who He made us to be, even if we stumble through it and mess it up.

We also began to step up our outreach prep this week which meant we learned even more new dramas and got to spend some quality time with some puppets. We had a lot of fun learning to how to use them. Mine is named Evan, kinda generic for his special looks. 🙂 The two skits we learned are called Redemption and Forgiveness. I get to play Jesus in Redemption and the main character in Forgiveness. I’m sure these will be filmed at some point so you all can see but at the moment I don’t have a good video for them yet. I do however have an awesome video out something Caleb and I practiced in between the skits. Check it out. 

On Friday, we got the chance to pray over each one of the countries we will be traveling to. It has really begun to sink in that we leave on this trip in less than a week. The days have been going by so fast. God has been speaking a lot to each of us about the places we are going to and we are getting really excited. So on Friday, we had giant maps of the world out and we went to each country and ask the Lord what He wanted to say about it. We wrote everything we got down on sticky notes and one of our leaders will be typing them up for us to take on our trip. It will be really cool to see how the Father will bring it all together.

Also Friday, we had Kingdom night again. This time, I went out with Michele and Roxy. Before we started, we asked God to give us clues or words for the people He wanted us to encounter. Michele heard Him say the word “rainbow” and Roxy saw a picture of a woman with curly blonde hair with a pink top. She also heard the word “heartache.” We went along and one of the first things we found was a couple underneath a rainbow umbrella. We tried to talk to them, but it didn’t work out. Earlier when we prayed, I saw a picture of person holding an empty picture frame in front of their face. Well as we walked along, we say a lady walking toward us carrying several empty frames in a bag. She stopped right next to us to catch a frame and rearrange the rest in her hands. We asked if she needed any help, but I chickened out didn’t try to say anything else like a simple “Jesus loves you.” No condemnation though. We continued on and Roxy began to talk to a homeless lady named Gladis. We took her to Subway to eat with her and began to chat. She didn’t want to talk much as she had had a bad day. She did talk more and more as the night went on though. We talked about some spiritual and not so spiritual things. One of which was the topic of favorite colors. We asked her what hers was and she said “rainbows.” Ya. You read that right. Roxy was chatting with her before this and for some reason asked her if her very curly hair used to be a different color and she said she used to be a blonde. And can you guess what color top she had on? Yep! Pink! As we left Gladis and began to head back to meet the rest of our team to head home for the right, the three of us discussed our time with her and we all saw that she had some deep heartache. It wasn’t until that bus ride back that we put the pieces together and realized that God had set us up to specifically meet Gladis. God is so cool and so amazing that He would speak to us so specifically. He truly values every one person! 

SO much has been happening. Saturday, we had whats called Service Saturday where we volunteer locally, and today (Sunday) all ATW went to Bridgeway church here in Denver early and we all got prayed over and prophetically spoken over for almost an hour by some of the staff members and church members. God really showed up.

Afterwards, a bunch of us decided to go tubing down a river. Mind you, we had snow last week. This river is snow melt. Just sayin. It was freezing, but it was worth every degree drop in body temp. We had a great time.

Well it looks like I’m caught up on this week. You all better get used to reading long blog posts. God has so much in store for our trip. Our expectation is high and it will only get higher and higher. As I’m tying this, we has about five days until our first flight takes off. While on outreach, I will try to update every week but it will probably end up being every other week. Also before we leave I will post an updated and detailed itinerary. Also, I am still wanting to raise another $100 for random outreach expenses and traveling money. You can check out my fundraiser page here. And also, I love your prayers even more than the finances. Thanks for reading you guys and have a great week!

PS. If anyone reading this has any prayer requests of healing, finances, or anything else, please either post it below or email me at JustinASmith151@gmail.com.


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