Week Six

Sorry I haven’t written in the last two weeks but its but pretty busy. So week 6 was great. We had a guy named Dudley Weiner talks to us all week about life in the Spirit. He told us so many stories about living live with the Holy Spirit. The main emphasis of his stories and teachings was to be aware that the Father wants ALL of his children to walk arm in arm with Him and talk with Him about everything. Just about everything else I learn that week stemmed from that example.

I haven’t ever mentioned this in any of my previous posts but if anyone would ever like to know more about what we’ve been learning here or anything else I’ve mentioned in my posts, please email me, I would love to chat more about any of it. My personal email is JustinASmith151@gmail.com.

Kingdom Night that week was really cool too.  I went out with Isaiah (my small group leader) and Michele. We went Ashley who gave a prophetic word to two weeks prior! We talked with Ashley for well over an hour as she told us about her life and how she has been trying to turn her life around. She had even started going to church. We got to pray over her and bless her at the end of our talk. It was a really cool.

Oh it also snowed again here last week. We had a snowy Mother’s day.



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