Week Five

So this last week was a lot of fun. Our topic was the “Fear of the Lord,” and your speaker was another leader on base, Mark Davies. He was a lot of fun to here speak and to interact with. He taught really well about the fear of the Lord and how its supposed to look. He also included many of what he called “free tips” lol. I got just as much from his “free tips” as I did from his main teaching. One thing he said about God was that God doesn’t look at us and think to Himself, “Why are you like that?” or “What were you thinking?” God knows is so intimately and perfectly; He understands exactly why we do what we do. Nothing can surprise Him.

We also got to watch part of a sermon from Bill Johnson. He spoke about the seriousness of joy, and how we need to choose joy. One quote from him was, “God cares more about our problems than we have the capacity to care.” He also went on to explain that the world rejoices because/when they have joy, but in the Kingdom of God (if your a Christian, you are a part of this) we have joy because we choose to rejoice. Its a hard thing to do, but with more practice, we can get better at it.

On Friday last week, we had Kingdom Night once again. This happens every Friday night, and it is an opportunity for all of us to go to downtown Denver and show people Jesus. This Friday night, we started by worshiping in a park downtown and then we split off into several groups. Myself, Michele, and Amber joined forces and headed off. We started by praying for a lady very near to where we were worshiping. Amber and Michele went and spoke with the lady, while I stayed back and interceded. They got to pray for and encourage her. We then asked the Holy Spirit where He wanted us to go next. All three of us felt we were to actually walk the opposite direction of the center of the city. So we crossed a bridge and head in the other direction. As we were crossing the bridge, we found it supper strange that the wind really picked up and it rained for like thirty seconds. We continued on and got a word about a fire or flame. (For those who don’t know, we are trying to learn to hear God’s voice and “a word” is a term what we use to say that this is something we believe we got from the Lord.) So to make this long story shorter, I kinda breeze through the smaller details of the night. We found a stature that was large and red and in an absteract way resembled a flame so we eventually decided to stay there. We sang out praises, (including the song Let it Rain), asked people if they needed prayer, and shouted out to groups of people asking them if they needed any kind of healing in their bodies.

At one point, Michele went and began to talk to this girl passing by. After talking for a little bit they girl told her that she believed in Satan but not God. By the end of the conversation, however, the girl actually allowed Michele to pray for her. It was really cool to so this person experience God’s love, possible for the first time. We stayed in that area until it was about time to go. On our way back, we overhead two people praying, so we stopped and asked if we could pray for them too and they were excited for us to. The one man’s name was Joseph. We go to pray for a lot of healing to come to him and he began to give excuses as to why he didn’t deserve it. You can read at little bit more about Joesph on Michele’s blog.

We met back up with everyone else a little later and began to hear how God was working that night. There is a place downtown in one of the parks that a lot of people gather to smoke weed and hang out. It is at the top of the tallest hill downtown. One group went up there to pray over it. As they began to pray and intercede for that place, it began to sprinkle. At that, they began to sing the song Let it Rain and pray for the Lord to send away every bit of evil form that place. They began to take it back for the Kingdom of God. As the prayed and spoke these things, the rain picked up and a whirlwind came in. It freaked out everyone who was there smoking pot and hanging out and they ran away. Another team on a near by bridge was praying for people and saw more people running toward them. When they asked what was going on, the people said there were these crazy people on the hill who prayed for rain. At this same time, Michele, Amber, and I were walking across the bridge to begin our night. It was this rain from the Lord that we felt as we crossed that bridge. As they continued to pray of the hill everyone who walked into their area was healed, touched with God’s love, or saved. Many other awesome things happened that night. It was amazing to see how God moved and orchestrated things. He is truly amazing!

Later in the week, a group of us went to a nearby river and had a ton of fun. The picture above it from that. Overall, last week was a lot of fun. I supper enjoy living with this awesome group of people and even more supper enjoy learning so much about the Father and getting to know Him more and more.

Thanks for reading and love you all.


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