Week Four

First off, this picture is from about two weeks ago. This is our Around the World team. From left to right, back to front we have: myself, Caleb, Franko, Andy, Kaso, Carmen (our leader), Amber, and Jenny. Also, sorry in advance, but this weeks blog will be shorter than usual but I will try to update more throughout the week.

So week four just ended here. Our speaker was John Murphy, one the leaders here on base. He spoke about relationships. Romantic and otherwise. He taught us so much with even just his testimony. Most importantly he taught us about our relationship with God. He drilled into our heads even more that we, as Christians, are children of God and what that looks like. He spent an entire session on sons vs. servants. This is one thing I will carry with me the rest of my life.

During the week I was also able to pay for the remainder of my outreach. God faithfully provided the rest of the funds I needed. We also got our flight itinerary which I will post about in a while. Things have been going supper well here. I absolutely love all the people around me and love living in a community of children of God. It’s not perfect, but we are all learning to love like Jesus (even as cliche as that sounds lol).

Have a great week!


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