Week One

Sunset over the lake So our first week just ended, and it was way better than I could have possibly imagined! The first week is the bonding week. We started out by sharing our testimonies with each other which took about three days. It was really awesome to see and hear everyone’s deep honesty about their lives. It really helped us grow closer as a group and as a family in Christ.

We have also been having worship at least three times a week. This base knows how important it is to put God first. They don’t even open their office until well after the planned time for worship on those days.

Also had an awesome guest speaker from the church next door to us. It was the head pastor of Faith Bible Chapel. Pastor George shared with all of us in DTS his personal testimony of how God got a hold of his life with love. Pretty amazing.

Then this past Friday night, we went as a DTS to a city wide worship service that was held downtown and God showed up in an amazing way. As a group we really poured our hearts out for Jesus. Toward the end of the service we had a speaker talk about child sex trafficking and share with us a very personal story. He has gone almost four years without wearing shoes. It was inspired by the children in Thailand who live in garbage dumps. These children are at huge risk of being trafficked. Through conversations with God, this man has been commissioned to go barefoot until one of three things happen: the Lord tells him to stop, the last child is rescued, or he passes away. He then challenged us to go just 24 hours without shoes. The next morning I took him up on the challenge.


To be continued…


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