The Beginning…

YWAM Denver


Well this is the beginning. This is were my YWAM adventure starts. For those of you who don’t know, YWAM (Youth With A Mission) is an international and interdenominational organization designed to flood the earth with the love of God. It was found in the 1960’s by a man of God named Loren Cunningham and since then it has spread to over 1400 bases worldwide. You can find out more about YWAM on their website.

So, I am now a part of what is called the Around the World Discipleship Training School (ATW DTS). I will be on the Denver YWAM campus with about 80 other youths, either students or staff, for the first 2 months of the schooling. All are here by a desire for the Lord and out of their own pocket; all YWAM staff are unpaid and live by faith. The DTS that I am a part of is combined for classes with what is called the Awaken DTS. The two schools (Awaken and ATW) haveĀ the same curriculum but different Outreach portions and lengths of campus based classes. The ATW team will be in Denver for 2 months and the Awaken team will be here for 3.

The Outreach portion of our schools, generally involve traveling overseas to share the love of God with the world. The ATW and Awaken DTS’s will be doing 3 and 2 months outreaches, respectively. The Awaken DTS this year will be traveling to the Philippians as of the beginning of the school (that is now being reconsidered due to ticket prices rising). The ATW DTS will be traveling to Mexico, Ecuador, South Africa, Nepal, India, and Thailand. This is the DTS that I have decided and been led to join.

This blog is to keep all those who are interested up to date on what goes on in my life and this school during my time here. Email me or comment on my posts if you every have any questions or comments. Thanks for checking it out and check back often for updates.


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